Instabridge and Instapass will be offline from the 25th September in preparation for the Radix Network Babylon upgrade. More details on our blog.

Single Sign-On
Compliance for DeFi

Making KYC compliance one-click simple for DeFi Users, Protocols and Applications.

Instapass for DeFi Users

Proving your identity documents again and again can be a pain. Instapass is a single source of truth that gives you full control over your identity in an expanding universe of services.

Verify Once

Pass KYC on Instapass and create your GDPR/AML compliant Digital Identity.

Web3.0 Connected

Link your crypto wallet to your Digital Identity, giving you a secure way to log into regulated apps.

100% User Control

Choose which service you want to access and give explict consent to share data.

Instapass for DeFi Platforms

Simplify KYC, AML and GDPR compliance for your project. Enhance user experience, reduce costs, and access a growing user base using the Instapass API.

Compliance Made Simple

Industry leading KYC/AML and address verification for individuals and businesses.

Easy User Onboarding

Single-click new user log in.  Receive GDPR compliant access to a verified KYC/AML Digital Identity.

Supporting Your Growth

Reduce cost and time to market with ready-to-go KYC/AML compliance for DeFi and more.

Authorised via Web3.0. Data provided over secure API.

Industry Leading Security Standards

Instapass uses industry-leading data security practices and uses service providers, such as SumSub, who are  ISO/IEC 27001 compliant.